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Milk & Cookies


Preparing To Lose




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They're Syd & mike

Syd & Mike are peculiar best friends on the road to self-discovery...
They're just trying to get through today, lacking all necessary skills to make it til
tomorrow. Without the common sense to simply give up, they stick
together and embark on their misadventure filled road to success
one hit and 'brilliant' idea at a time.



Sydney Davis is a writer, producer, and actor. She began acting at age seven, practically living in the theatre through her teens.  Sydney attended The New Actors Workshop in NYC, where she studied with Mike Nichols. Sydney has written three original scripts with Mike Holt and starred in all of them. Her films have played in festivals all over the country. Sydney works as a producer and production coordinator for film, TV and commercials


Mike Holt is a writer, director, and actor in New York. Mike became a part of Video Mass, a filmmaking collective out of Brooklyn back in 2013 and has since written and directed five short films. Three of those films were written with, now writing partner, Sydney Davis. Mike’s films have played festivals all over the country. Mike is a working NY actor and is represented by 90210 Talent. He’s currently in the running for the 2017 ABC Diversity Talent Showcase. Mike has always been a fervent fan of comedy watching virtually all of the classics since the 80s.


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